How become Better employee in company

Be a visible part of the team. In meetings, always participate, give your best advice and ask intelligent questions that show you have been paying attention. If needed, arrive early and stay late.

Be proactive. Always be on the lookout for ways that you can go above and beyond your job description. This shows not only that you are ready to move a step up, but also that you are committed to the company.

Act professionally. Resist the temptation of office gossip, and make sure all conversations are appropriate. Even in companies with a more relaxed culture, where sharing personal details are no longer taboo, be guarded about how much you reveal. Always keep sensitive subjects such as politics and religion out of the discussion.

Accept challenges with enthusiasm, and always stay positive. Employers like nothing more than an employee who is eager to solve a problem. Having a can-do attitude sets you apart.

Express your commitment to your work by always wanting to learn more. Try and find something you can specialize in, and be the absolute best at. Be willing to also assist your coworkers with your expertise, and always ask them for assistance in areas where you are not so great.

Be easy to communicate and interact with. Smile and avoid negativity. Everyone appreciates someone who is pleasant to be around, and the positive effect can be contagious, improving morale in your department.

Try to minimize company expenses. This shows your boss that you are conscious of the company goal to make a profit and that you can help drive that profit.

Pay attention to your looks. While they are not everything, a professional presentation does matter in the workplace. Follow the company culture and guidelines, and dress for the position you want.

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